Imagine if the series had ended right after this moment.

"you know why" - What Happens in Vegas (Movie)

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Kanye West ft. Rick Ross - Devil In A New Dress

Anonymous asked: Pap: picture at present ;)

:) soon

may be in September

am shy :)

I still have boobs

:) :) :)

Anonymous asked: Pap?

Hey, do you mean, the white custard thing that we eat,

do you mean Papa,

Is this English?

am getting nervous

thank you anyway :)


Perfect, I know I love you I ain’t tryna let those words slip
Pure bliss, I know that we will stay together, we in cursive
Infatuation, when every single move you make is fascinatin’


Dizzee Rascal // Bonkers (feat. Armand Van Helden) 


Beirut- Gulag Orkestra

forgot how to


this song is incredibly sad, beautiful and light at the same time


NEW MUSIC: M.anifest & HHP - Jigah.

Two hip-hop heavyweights representing Ghana and South Africa team up for a huge collaboration, shot on the streets of Jozi, with both rappers looking like pan-African comrades.

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suzhou - shinamo moki シナモモキ

yo….. our track SUZHOU has over 10k plays on our soundcloud now, and as a thank you from us it is available for free download now! via our soundcloud xx


latch (feat. sam smith) // disclosure